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SCAA Sustainabilty Training Seminar

This training seminar is an introduction to the SCAA Sustainability Stewardship Program.

  • This 15 February Seminar is free for SCAA, SCAE, NCA, Roasters Guild, or Barista Guild Members.

  • Seats are limited to so reservations will be required.

  • Add this seminar to the Coffee Taster For Q Graders on 16 & 17 Feb 2017 and receive an Academy of Coffee engraved cupping spoon as a bonus! 

This seminar is meant to give attendees an introduction to sustainability thinking in relation to coffee. It provides SCAA members knowledge and skills required to be confident and competent agents of change for sustainability in the coffee value chain. We believe that for the specialty coffee industry to survive, and ultimately thrive, sustainable thinking must be embraced by all who are engaged in the specialty coffee supply chain. 

As a result of completing this seminar Learners will be able to: 

  1. List the three pillars of sustainability.
  2. Describe sustainability as an evolving process.
  3. Illustrate the three pillars of sustainability in the context of the coffee supply chain.
  4. Articulate examples of positive actions that contribute to the sustainability of coffee supply.
  5. Identify additional resources for continued learning in sustainability.

 The agenda for this seminar is:

First Session:  Introduction and Understanding: What Is Sustainability

  1. Welcome & overview of the Sustainability Stewardship Program.
  2. What is sustainability and why do we care about it?

Second Session: Sustainability Thinking Across the Coffee Value Chain

  1. Seed to cup review activity.
  2. Traceability origin to cup: sustainability challenges in coffee producing communities.
  3. Traceability origin to cup: sustainability challenges in coffee consuming communities.
  4. Discussion and reflection activity.

Third Session:  So, How Can I Help and  What’s My Role

  1. Changing our way of thinking: what is systems thinking?
  2. Preventing unintended consequences.
  3. Identifying activities where you can make a difference.
  4. Where to find more resources

Fourth Session: Wrap-up

  1. Relevance to other SCAA coursework.
  2. General Q&A. 


Coffee, Baked Goods, Snacks and Lunch Will Be Provided. The seminar should run from 9:00am to 4:30pm.




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