Roaster Level 1 Plus (Intermediate) And Sensory Foundation With Cupping Basics

Course Dates

  • 24 - 28 FEB 2020
  • 6 - 10 APR 2020


The Academy of Coffee Excellence has been developing coffee education curricula and training for more than 20 years. Our coursework greatly exceeds in both depth and breadth the minimum requirements for an SCA Certificate. The optional SCA Certificate Exams will be available during the last day of a course where SCA Certificate content is offered.

It is important for you to know that educational offerings can vary widely among coffee educators. Always ask to see the course detail prior to enrolling so that you can compare what type of educational programming and experience you will be receiving. Our course detail is below.


Registration Options

  • Early = $1,800.00usd (closes 21 days prior to the course start date)
  • Standard = $1,950.00usd 
  • Payment Plan options detailed below  


Course Summary

The Academy of Coffee Excellence's Roaster Level 1 - Necessary Skills with Understanding Cupping & Sensory Analysis, is a 5 Day comprehensive roasting and cupping training course designed to instill the skills necessary for a Roaster to be successful in the first 5 years of their career. It establishes the craft of roasting with in-depth applicable theory and learn by doing exercises in the areas of coffee analysis and evaluation via cupping and triangulation, sample roasting and production roasting, production management, green coffee contracts, roastery safety and FDA FSMA Compliance. 

You will:  

  • Roast a minimum of 5 sample roasts
  • Roast a minimum of 13 production roasts
  • Cup and calibrate with Q Instructors or Q Graders a minimum of 10 flights of coffee
  • Triangle cup and difference from control cup minimum of 6 flights of coffee

Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 1 graduates will demonstrate a proficiency with the scientific and technical elements of coffee roasting and coffee cupping. You will also demonstrate basic quality control process skills and moving green coffee from an importer's sample through sample roasting and into production roasting. This course lays the groundwork for the ongoing development of your career in coffee. 

Registration includes:

  • Tuition for 5-Days of Specialty Coffee Association certificate education
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence page interactive workbook
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence coffee passport
  • Morning coffee, fruit, baked goods, snacks and lunch each day

This 5 Day Course covers a great deal of content. We open at 8:00am for coffee, fruit and baked goods and self directed skill practice with the coursework beginning promptly at 8:30am. Attendees should plan on being at the Academy of Coffee Excellence from 8:00am (08:00) to between 5:30pm (17:30) to 6:00pm (18:00) each day. 

Dietary requests are respected.  

Course Detail 


  • $1,800.00 usd Early
  • $1,995.00 usd Standard


Registration Cancellation Policy linked here




Early Registration = $1,800.00usd (Early Registration closes 21 days prior to the start date)

Standard registration = $1,950.00usd 

Payment Plan Options

  • Payment 1 of $650.00usd made 60 days prior to the course start date
  • Payment 2 of $650.00usd made 30 days prior to the course start date
  • Payment 3 of $650.00usd made 15 days prior to the course start date
  • email for approval
  • Payment Plan payments are non-refundable


Registration Cancellation Policy linked here





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