Natural & Honey Process Table Cupping & Calibration Skill Building Kit

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Cupping Skills Building Kit

What Is A Skill Building Kit

A Skill Building Kit is a package that is delivered to you and guided by us. We carefully select coffees to fulfill specific knowledge and skill learning objectives. Since cupping is better with a friend, this kit and services are designed for 4 people.  

What Knowledge & Skills Will Be Learned And Practiced In This Kit


  • The process of Natural Process coffee
  • The process of Honey Process coffee
  • The mechanics of using the cupping form properly


  • Proper usage of the cupping form 
  • Descriptive calibration 
  • Numerical calibration  

What Is Included In This Kit

  • 6 Coffees samples of either natural or hone process
  • Grind particle size sample
  • Third Wave Water kit 
  • Tutorial e-book
  • Assignment feedback for 4 people From a Q Instructor
  • USPS Flat Rate Shipping for US domestic shipping 

What If I Am Not In The USA

We can ship DHL. It ads significantly to the cost, but there is an option for it. We can also ship on your on your freight account where the rates may be better. For international orders or to ship on your freight account please email prior to purchasing a Skill Building Kit. 

What Happens When I Buy This Kit

  1. Webinar 1 Theory / Introduce Knowledge & Skills / Discuss The Activity / Q & A (All Of Us Together)
  2. Skill Building Kit Ships (See Schedule Below)
  3. Perform The Activity & Practice the Skills / Submit Your Assignment (Done By you)
  4. Data Analysis / Preparing Feedback (Done By Us)
  5. Webinar 2 Feedback Discussions / Q & A (All Of Us Together) 

What Pre-Requisite Knowledge & Skills Do I Need

The Cupping & Calibration Series is an intermediate skill level set of kits. It is designed for people who wish to keep their cupping skills current and calibrated to a larger community of cuppers.

  • You should have a basic knowledge of how to cup coffee
  • You should have a working knowledge of how to use the cupping form
  • You should have the skill of being able to cup and thoughtfully evaluate two flights of 3 samples each. 

If you need to develop the above knowledge and skills, the "Introduction To Cupping & Protocol" Kit and / or the "3 Processes With The Same Cultivar & Farm" Kit would be  more appropriate starting point.  

What Cupping Supplies Do I Need To Provide

Coffee Grinder / At least 15 Cupping Bowls or Cups of equal size and volume / Scale with 0.5 gram accuracy / 2 Cupping Spoons / Water Kettles sufficient to pour 3 trays of approximately 1.2 liters per tray. 

When Do The Kits Ship

Orders Received By Kits Ship By Webinar 1 Assignment Due Webinar 2


Next Kit Release Date Selection To Be Posted By 1 May 2023