e:Learn Overview of the SCA Cupping Form

This free introductory course takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It provides a detailed overview of the SCA Cupping Form through exploring

  • Sniff 1

The assessment of the fragrance

  • Sniffs 2 & 3

The assessment of the aroma and understanding the break

  • Slurp 1

The assessment of the Flavor and the Aftertaste and insight into the Acidity

  • Slurp 2

The assessment of the Acidity and the Body

  • Slurp 3

The assessment of the Balance and Overall

  • Uniform Clean and Sweet

The understanding and application of the concepts in cupping of Uniformity, Clean Cup and Sweetness

  • Important Download Instructions

Prior to downloading this 6 meg e:Learning .zip file program please create a target folder named AoCE Cupping Form Overview. After you authorize the download please follow these steps.

  1. The screen will read Preparing Your Downloads
  2. Click Download Now
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Extract All
  5. Select as the Extract To folder the folder you created AoCE Cupping Form Overview
  6. Click Extract
  7. Click Launch_Story.exe

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