Images And Pathway Class Descriptions used with the permission of SCA

Williamsburg Coffee and Tea

Todd Arnette is the owner of both Williamsburg Coffee and Tea, as well as, the Academy of Coffee Excellence. Mr. Arnette has been in the Specialty Coffee industry for more than 20 years.

Williamsburg Coffee and TeaThe Williamsburg Coffee and Tea Company is a wholesale roastery that specializes in sustainable coffees and personal relationships at origin with producers. Williamsburg Coffee and Tea has been roasting coffee for independent coffee shops in the Mid-Atlantic area since 1995. Williamsburg Coffee and Tea is currently sourcing and roasting for 45 independent coffee shops and business.

The Academy of Coffee ExcellenceThe Academy of Coffee Excellence provides industry leading training in all facets of the Specialty Coffee industry in our SCAA Certified Training Campus in Williamsburg Virginia, and in partner labs around the world. The Academy of Coffee Excellence teaches the full SCAA Curriculum of Roaster Pathways, Barista Pathways, Coffee Taster Pathways and Coffee Buyer Pathways. The Academy of Coffee Excellence also teaches CQI's Q Grader Exams.

Both can be found on Google in the same location.