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SCAA Education Pathways

Whether you would like to pursue the Barista, Brewer, Roaster, Coffee Taster or Coffee Buyer Certificate Pathways, SCAA Education begins with the Foundations of Coffee.


Foundations of Coffee Foundations of Coffee

Laying the groundwork for a life in coffee, Foundations of Coffee serves as the introduction to all of the Pathways and builds a vocabulary, via lectures and live lab activities, that will serve each subsequent class in any chosen course of study. Foundations of Coffee can be completed within approximately 11 hours of study.


Barista Certificate Pathway Barista Certificate Pathway

With two levels of dynamic content the Barista Pathway presents a series of classes designed to accelerate a candidate's professional trajectory with world-recognized instruction in espresso and espresso drink preparation, equipment operation and customer service. Upon completion, graduates have established a set of skills that are immediately relevant and ready to enhance the workforce in any coffee bar operation with a focus on high-level, high-quality execution to the standards and best practices of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. After completing Foundations, the Barista Level 1 Pathway can be completed in approximately 8 hours of study. After completing Barista Level 1, The Barista Level 2 Pathway can be completed in approximately 12 hours of study.


Coffee Buyer Certificate Program Coffee Buyer Certificate Pathway

With a global trade network comprised of producers, importers, traders and buyers, green coffee travels a long and winding road before it ever comes into contact with a roaster. How it gets there and who is involved sits at the core of the Coffee Buyer Pathway. For those looking to navigate the coffee supply chain, from negotiating contracts to maneuvering financial markets, understanding the intricacies and how to navigate the many channels the Coffee Buyer Certificate Pathway will prove to be the best tool for success. After completing Foundations, the Coffee Buyer Level 1 Pathway can be completed in approximately 22 hours of study. The first half of the Coffee Buyer Level 1 Pathway is ideal for wholesale roasters who buy coffee. The second half of the Coffee Buyer Level 1 Pathway is focused on large wholesale roasters and green coffee importers; people who are true Coffee Buyers.


Roaster Certificate Pathway Training Roaster Certificate Pathway

Invest in your roasting career with instruction from recognized experts and an education backed by decades of experience, scientific understanding, and thought leadership. The craft and the science of roasting are all laid out for candidates as they explore the nuances of machine operation, safety, maintenance, and the sensory applications required to carefully roast beautiful coffees. The Roaster Pathway presents a comprehensive education set in working roasteries and sensory labs. Candidates will develop their sensory skills, learning to evaluate roasted coffee for quality control and establish a mastery of the technical aspects required to safely and effectively manipulate roasting equipment. Practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help to round out a complete roasting curriculum. Graduates will be well prepared to contribute in a wide range of roasting facilities, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and evaluation experience. After completing Foundations, The Roaster Level 1 Pathway can be completed in approximately 25 hours of study. After completing Roaster Level 1, the Roaster Level 2 Pathway can be completed in approximately 30 hours of study.

Coffee Taster Pathway Training Coffee Taster Certificate Pathway 

Coffee tasters contribute to an organization’s buying program, establish quality control protocols, and define and protect a coffee program, building its reputation and maintaining its integrity. The Coffee Taster Pathway is designed to develop both your palate and your coffee career, preparing you for work in evaluation and analysis with the confidence to participate in high-stakes decision making. Always in high demand, sensory experts are pushing the front lines of specialty coffee into new territory, borrowing from outside disciplines to incorporate innovative lab techniques and data tracking, while working to achieve new heights in quality. After completing Foundations, the Coffee taster Level 1 Pathway can be completed in approximately 30 hours of study. After completing Coffee Taster Level 1, the Coffee Taster Level 2 Pathway can be completed in approximately 30 hours of study.